Mains Fresh and delicious

Filet of fresh fish with spinach puree, red onion in wine and hollandaise sauce

Seared tuna steak drizzled with capers, lemon zest, anchovy and olive oil

Braised octopus with vegetables and chickpeas

Grilled adriatic squids – marinated in olive oil and aromatic herbs

108 KN

Squid rings sprinkled with lemon zest with mango salsa and garlic mayonnaise

Crispy chicken with two sauces and fried potatoes

Starter Fresh and delicious

Hearty octopus salad with quick pickled red onions

139 KN

Fish marinated in citrus fruits (lemon and orange) with coriander, pepperoni, shallots and anchovies

Dalmatian prosciutto, wild game sausage, pancetta, homade chees, Istrian pesto, black olive tapenade and warm flatbread with aromatic herb

Pan fried adriatic prawns, chilled, marinated in herbs, served with colourful seasonal salad

Flavorful tomato vegetable soup with olive oil

Mackerel escabeche with onions, herbs, marinated olives and capers

Drinks Fresh and delicious

Olive oil rosemary and lemon cake, stewed oranges, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Vanilla and walnut ice cream with whiskey – dulce de leche, toasted walnuts and mashed bananas

Honey and chocolate brownie with red fruits compote and vanilla ice cream

Scoop of homemade ice cream

Colorful adriatic prawn salad with avocado, strawberries, almond, baby spinach, fresh rocket with citrus and olive oil dressing

Delicious starts right here. Enjoy the real fresh food by our chef!

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